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The 43 Nahant Ave Project

In 2019, Lynnway Associates was excited to participate in the construction of a 30-unit complex dedicated to inter-faith Veterans Housing. The melding of communities was essential for the area, as the complex was sitting on the ground of former Tifereth Israel, a Synagogue that provided services to many Jewish residents in Revere for over a century. As the congregation dwindled so did the resources for upkeep, and the Synagogue had not had regular services since 2011. A service to honor the former temple’s impact preceded the groundbreaking.

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There is a lack of proper housing for veterans not only north of Boston, but across Massachusetts. The success of this project was beneficial to all involved, and we are proud to share that the land has continued to be used for such dignified purposes.

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Media coverage of the project included the Revere Journal, The Boston Globe, and WBUR. Additional news about the construction process can be found here

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